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Niagara Hotel, whis was built around 1890's, had become the tallest building in Asia. It was architected by a well know Mr. Pinedo from Brazil. The architect design concept of Niagra Hotel is a blending of Brazil, Netherland, China, and Victorian style. This 35 meters building was built for about 15 years and completed at the end of 19th century.

Originally this building was owned by Liem Sian Joe's family and functioned as a family villa since it's rooms were relatively large which reach 5 x 6 meters.
Lawang city at that time was known as a well known .. place since not only it's cool atmosphere but also it's beautiful scenery thus at that era so many villas were built around Lawang. This villa was used until 1920's when Liem Sian Joe's family moved to Netherland.

After left by the owner, this villa was gradually abandoned for years. Finally in 1960, one of Liem's heir sold it to a businessman from Surabaya named Ong Kie Tjai.

After then this building was renovated, and starting in 1964 it was used as a hotel and named Niagara Hotel. Until now, this classic building has done a number of renovations and remains to keep the historical value that left in the building.